These kids aint loyal

These kids aint loyal

Posted by J. Fashionista on Aug 28th 2018

No one is more betrayed than the single mother and the Benedict Arnold is always her child between the ages of 2 &10, funny but not funny. These little crumb snatchers will sell you out for candy, chips, a trip to the park in a heartbeat.

I didn't grow up in a two parent home, I was raised solely by my mom. My father was in my life consistently up until I was about 11. I can recall times when I heard my mother speaking bad about my father or me crying for my father and she be annoyed because once again he made a promise he couldn't keep and now she had to deal with me and my emotions on her own. She would say things like "Why you crying for him, he's not here, he's not coming? He's going to keep disappointing you!" and I be so angry with her on the inside, yes inside cuz my mama aint play that, not then not now. 

Being a single mother now and having about 90% custody of my daughter, not by choice or court order either, just saying....So i't me taking her to school, picking her up, taking her to dr. appt(s), taking off work or re-scheduling my days and time off to accommodate her schedule with school. Me missing out on money or having to take her with me to work, not to mention everywhere else I go. Would you believe I took her with me to a GYN appt, No Bullshit!! But anywho it's all on ME, ME ONLY!! 

So sometimes she'll say she misses her dad and wants to see him and as much as I wanna state how I FEEL,  I don't I just say call your father and tell him, and if he doesn't answer and now shes in tears I really wanna tell her how I fee but I don't I lie " Daddy will call you back later, he's at work". I have no clue what that man does nor do I care. I and just trying to diffuse the situation because I know this all too well. One day recently I completely lost it with this nonsense.... he calls her and my daughter starts to tell him about her day and her first day of school, this dude proceeds to tell her a bunch of ridiculous crap about something he was not even concerned about, never asked about, never involved himself in and I blew it, grabbed the phone from her and ripped his ass a whole new one then hung up the phone....completely oblivious that my daughter is right there listening and seeing this. 

He calls back and she says"Daddy Mommy was being mean to you right" "Yea she was" " I don't like her she's being so rude"..... Jaw hits floor..... WOW, I just became my mother, the mother I was angry at!!! 

My feelings were shattered, 

not only because she expressed that abut me but I was so ashamed of myself. Why would I allow myself to lose my cool? I have no one to blame, this is on me. 

I cannot control people and what they say or do but I can damn sure control how I react to them and that was NOT the way to go. I made a promise to never let anyone else ever make me lose control of myself or how I express myself ever again. I remembered back to when I finally realized the kind of father I had and that he was not going to change, how my mom sacrificed and how much she dedicated to raising me and my brother and said "In due time she will appreciate all I do"... Hopefully