Posted by J. Fashionista on Aug 7th 2018

Hey Guys

I know I've been MIA for a while, I've been away from everything writing, posting, creating, social media, people, places, things EVERYTHANG!! You need that every once IN a while though, like a time to get away and just re-group. Just remember the goal isn't to get lost in getting away though, that shit can easily happen.

In my time away I took the time to re-evaluate,rejuvenate, and self reflect. I've had a lot of ME TIME and I have to remember to have me time more often. 

Anywho this post isn't about my hibernation but I will get to that soon in another post so stay tuned, BUT in my "me time" one of my favorite things to do was have spa day and give myself facials. As much as I love makeup, making makeup and playing in makeup I love healthy skin. I absolutely love my skin and practice healthy skincare regimes. I do lots of research and make DIY face masks in addition to other things. Today I wanted to share one of my facial routines with you all. I feel like in this heat my face often feels really clammy and sweaty so sometimes I over clean my face so I have to learn new ways to add moisture to my face, hence my research. 

Anyway these are the products I used tonight, now this whole process can take anywhere from an hour to 2 depending on what other activities you partake in while doing this. Sometimes I'm cleaning, dancing, playing music, drinking bottles of wine or having a sing off with my daughter, but the point is to enjoy it!!

I actually just received this facial brush via Amazon today in the mail so I'll do a full review on this as well... my previous facial brush was Mufuckin Tide, the damn bristles was fanned out like a damn mermaid, Terrible!!

So of course I started with the makeup removal wipes, then used my micellar cleansing milk using the latex brush that came with the set. 

Once all the makeup was removed I washed my face using my peppermint soap and the silicone brush.

I then mixed a mask using ACV and Bentonite clay... I really love using this mask on my face because even though it can feel a little harsh it actually really pulls out all impurities and leaves my skin feeling really soft, a bit tender as well but still soft. 

So after it dried I washed it off, then heated up my facial steamer I added a drop of tea tree oil which is awesome for healthy skin, especially if you suffer from acne, I also added a drop of lavender oil to help soothe.

Tea tree oil has a very overpowering smell so please be sure to only add ONE DROP, don't be drip, drip,drippity, drip, dripping it. I set the timer for about mins which is a good steam.

After I dried off I used a honey mask that I actually purchased at a event, I don't remember all that was in it but it is a very moisturizing mask.

I leave this mask on for about 15 mins and wash it off.

I end it with a few sprays of my aloe and rosewater facial spray and use the rolling massage brush to set in the moisture and there it is..... Healthy Skin at Home!!

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