My Eyes

My Eyes

Posted by J. Fashionista on Apr 24th 2018

Eye #makeup has never been my weakest when doing makeup... I'm talking #eyeliner, #eyeshadow, #eyelashes just throw the whole damn eye away.  I definitely think my eyebrow game has come up and although that can still use some more practice I have come a long way with that. Eyeliner I don't have the time to clean racoon eyes so I leave that completely alone. #Lashes work when they want and eyeshadow confuses me, I feel like I kow one technique the smokey look just in different colors, it's sad I know. 

#AbitofeverythangCosmetics has whole spring collection that just launched which includes 6 new gloss colors, 2 new palettes including highlighters, all on sale NOW! I scheduled a #photoshoot to get new pics and Iwas so excited to showcase my new work.

So anywho imagine my surprise when I planned a photoshoot and my makeupartist couldn't make it..... I wanted to cancel the whole shit and call it quits but I had models waiting and some on the way, my photographer was already there and waiting so guess what my ass had to switch hats and do the job my damn self. Yes I turned into a makeupartist real quick, made use of what products I had and did the damn thang and I must say I did a pretty good job. 

If it wasn't for my friends and family pushing me to do it myself I probably would have just cancelled but I didn't and I am so proud of myself!

Scratch that I'm freaking blown away at my ability to have completed this at the drop of a dime. Haven't acknowledged or sat in my #dopeness in a minute and I plan to bask in this enough to push me to practice my crafts and become better!!! #TrustingMyDopeness