Abitofeverythang Cosmetics

Abitofeverythang Cosmetics

Feb 16th 2014

Hey Guys welcome to Abitofeverythang Cosmetics a cosmetic line created, formulated, packaged and distributed in Brooklyn NY by Yours Truly.

I want to first make the disclaimer that I am NOT a makeup artist myself but I've worn makeup the right and wrong way for years now and I've really enjoy wearing makeup and doing makeup. I started wearing makeup right after high school cause I was GROWN and I could so I spent my little coins in MAC as much as possible. I ain't even graduate to that, skipped right over Walgreen's and went straight to professional use only. 

I started my cosmetics line in July of 2016 when "National Lipstick Day" was approaching I went through my makeup and saw about 60 tubes of lipsticks I owned and immediately started calculating how much money was in front of my face, I mean I wasn't embarrassed I NEEDED all of them and more, my daughter who was 3 at the time wanted to play in them and I was a bit skeptical of her using these products on her mouth, especially not knowing all that was in them. I did a little research and found ways on how t make my own with using harmless ingredients. 

I created a custom handmade makeup line that has now expanded to about 40 products of glosses, eye-shadows, highlighters and loose glitters. I hand-make all products myself, they are cruelty free made with love.

Last year this time I could not imagine starting a business of my own but here it is MYBitofeverythang for you all. 

Thank you for visiting, buying, liking, sharing, supporting my line. Let me get back to mixing and pressing

We are growing everyday and look forward to you taking this journey with us!