A Hairy Situation

Posted by J. Fashionista on Sep 9th 2018

I usually change my hair every few weeks or so depending on what style I'm wearing. I wear wigs, weaves, crochet styles, braids as protective styles to give my hair a break. Recently I went out on a limb and decided to go on YouTube and learn how to construct a custom wig, "Construct a wig" yea I thought I was gonna do some hair magic forreal.

I had just received my package with some great hair I bought on Amazon, yes don't sleep on Amazon bundles. They were reasonably priced and the quality was really good, believe it or not. Being that I was so satisfied with the hair I decided this wig was gonna be a great idea. I got 3 bundles and a closure for about $160, the bundles were 16, 18 & 20 inches with a 14in closure in a loose wave texture.

I did my research I watched multiple videos and I have now mastered a technique in my head. I purchased all my products. I got my wig cap, needle and thread, concealer, wig clips, and I had a wig head already. Let's get this started...

 started the process by washing and conditioning the hair on Thursday night and setting it out to air dry. Friday night and I start around 8:30 and I start sewing like crazy, Im enjoying my wine and repeat episodes of The Office, it's now a little after 10, I got the closure on and almost two bundles in the back and I stop to try it on.

... This shit is a fuckin beenie for a barbie head, BRUH WTF?!

I just wasted about 2 hours of my life on this bullshit, Unbelievable!!! I am completely over this I should go on a rant on all these lying heffas from YouTube, sitting here lookin like

Well my hair is all braided up for my wig so my next option is to just sew it on my hair. Well now I have to cut all this hair and start on option 2, now I have NEVER EVER attempted to sew a weave in my hair before and didn't have a desire to. I have plenty of sew-ins before so this should be easy.

It is now 3am and I am finished..... it is not a professional job but I am pleased. I have completed my first sew-in!! Got me feelin like

Here's the finished look

Let me master this, make me a wig and learn to box braid my own hair and can't another hairstylist get a dime from me. I ordered more hair so I can attempt that wig soon.... Stay Tuned!